Debbie & Buzz's Challenge

My first blog post on here and it is not as I would have liked to start, last night after spending 2 days walking backwards and forwards to my livery yard due to snow, I slipped in the garden and have damaged my ankle, a trip to local A & E but couldn't get to the main hospital for X rays due to road conditions. Not sure if we have a fracture or not, either way we are out of action for a little while. I had taken the bull by the horns and booked quite a bit in for the next few weeks but alas not to be.

I do have been running a Facebook page since I started the challenge called Debbie and Buzz's Wobbleberry Challenge so feel free to look us up if you would like to see the early progress. This is us at Camp last year, first time cross country schooling. He has lots of scope but is very green and I am very nervous following a couple of falls but we are taking it slowly.

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