Coping with Gingerness

Another interesting and entertaining month with the Ginger one, he's not the calmest or most sane at the best of times and has been known to have the attention span of a gnat but this month has made me really wonder what is going on. He's been a complete loon at times, he's thrown tantrums out hacking, and just been utterly scared of everything. I'm sure it's gut related, the weather has been so changeable I'm not sure if he thinks spring is coming or going. We're trying various things and fingers crossed he's now on the right balance and sane Murphy is making a comeback. The huge positive is that I've managed to ride through it all which has boosted my confidence in my position and how much it has improved. My last jump lesson he was a lunatic and 6 months ago I would've had a 3 course meal of sand but we got through it, not the most enjoyable lesson I've had but really constructive.

We also had our first outing of 2019. Given how tense and stress he's been recently and it's been quite an emotional couple of weeks I wasn't too sure how it would go. The first test wasn't the best and he was very much like an ironing board covered in soap to ride, and very opinionated. The second test was like riding a different horse, much more chilled and rideable. OK, it wasn't the most accurate and we need to work on him consistently accepting the contact but I was totally lost in it just being the two of us riding in the arena and I loved it. Looking forward to the next outing

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