Charlotte Curtis & Windmill Ellen

West Wilts (3) 08/09/2018

My warm up event for West Wilts was the Hannah Francis ODE at Ston Easton in July where my pony Ellen and I had a complete ball and came 6th in the 70cm section! With this success behind us I bit the bullet and entered West Wilts (3) on 8th September. The week building up to the event I kept asking myself why on earth I was doing this!!! The day arrived and despite a forecast of rain the weather stayed kind to us. We did an ok dressage test (I have MS and my legs decided they didn't really want to play ball thank you very much) so we weren't as forward as we could have been. Jumping is my little mare's forte (she is a Connemara) and she flew round the show jumping course which put a smile on both of our faces. Now for the cross country which has always been my least favourite phase...not anymore!!! Ellen was just awesome and didn't hesitate at anything. We loved it!!! I am cross with myself that I didn't kick on a bit more so we did pick up some time penalties but a double clear is just such a great result for us. I do feel stiff and sore now but the sense of achievement and enjoyment I got from doing this challenge totally outweighs any discomfort. Now...when is the next one?!?!

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