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Warwick Hall 3 22/07/2018

Pip and I managed to complete our Wobbleberry challenge at Warwick Hall. We had tried on 2 other occassions to complete the challenge only to have both events cancelled due to wet weather! So its taken us nearly 2 years to achieve this since I first signed up for the challenge. We have had some knocks on the way, mostly to me, but its been an amazing rewarding positive journey. Almost as soon as I bought Pip I signed up to be a wobbleberry. I did pony club eventing a long time ago at a good level but never did more than that. In the recent build up we have done some unaffiliated cross country and riding club events, and attended Equiteam 3 day training camps Since last properly eventing its taken 30 years to get to and complete at a BE event. It was at Warwick 3 BE80 and we came 19th in my section all organised by the fabulous Cumbria horse trials team, who are friendly and very supportive. An ok dressage of 38, a couple of silly errors, clear Show jumping, almost clear cross country but Pip looked at the ditch just long enough for it to count as a refusal, plus a few time penalties. In my eyes we went clear and I was sooo pleased and proud of my ginger pony. We’ve both come a long way in 2 years. Whats next…….? On this journey I’ve met some wonderful people and had incredible support from both family and friends all along. Yesterdays team of helpers was amazing and I was very grateful on a very hot day when energy levels were easily sapped the support was huge! There are lots of kind friends, relatives and trainers who I must thank for getting us to this point. Firstly my family for tolerating this taking up at times large amounts of time and money, thankyou to everyone who sponsored me for this amazing charity Wilberry wonder pony. Incredible friends, Frances, Jenni, Alison, Claudia, Karen, Caz who have supported me, cajoled me, informed me, believed in me that I can do it all along. Thanks too to Hilary Wakefield for all her advice and help with saddles, Hilary Hiram for using her arena, Liz and Lou at equiteam through good times and not so good times but always a lot of laughs. Jane Brindley for confidence chats! Mike for keeping Pips shoes and feet in great condition, Maaike for her amazing acupuncture. Conor Bangham and David Harland for their valued instruction. And last but by no means least Drumcarrow for introducing me to Pip straight off a boat from Ireland almost exactly 2 years ago to the day! There are many others who sent kind messages of support before the event which were much appreciated My biggest thankyou goes to my amazing big hearted, bold and tolerant, picnic loving ginger pony Pip. We have such fun together and we have learnt so much together. Many exciting plans and ideas to come. #kickingcancersbutt

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