Caroline Richardson & kilduff hero

Munstead 2 16/09/2018

Munstead BE80 and we complete our Wobbleberry Challenge 👍👏🙌💪🍾😍😁🤪

An amazing day and one I will treasure forever. My heartfelt thanks to Rachel Ralston for being our super groom plaiting Dylan while I went on the course walk and staying by our sides all day with such calm kindness, keeping an eye on all around while I felt very distracted due to nerves. Also heart felt thanks to my lovely neighbour Suzie and her daughter Emelye who came to support. A highlight of the day was meeting Indra Norris and other members of our Wobbleberry gang - a little chat with Danielle on Mouse before the dressage brought a much needed giggle at that point. Dressage was accurate and obedient tho’ lacking in self carriage, giving us a score of 37.3. An hour to wait until SJ and the nerves really kicked in - i thought the fences looked much bigger than tweseldown the week before 🤢. fortunately Suzie gave me clear instructions and I followed them so even tho’ I wasn’t feeling positive I rode positively and was rewarded with a lovely clear round. Quick change over and off to the xc. Again with strict instructions from suzie not to incur time faults and best wishes from Rachel off we went at a faster speed than we have before. All was going great until the jump after the water - even with the sharp turn Dylan still popped over but I lost a stirrup - heading to the big jump on the Mound 😱. Looking back this is when I realised how far we have come - I put my reins in one hand and held onto the pommel with my other and over we went. I then desperately tried to regain my stirrup and keep cantering but I just couldn’t so I pulled up, got sorted and off we went again. We finished the course with a wonderful clear round but 7 time faults. I am blessed with a wonderful little pony who is small in stature but has a big heart and a generous spirit. He has helped me out all the way, never giving me a dodgy moment out competing and letting my confidence build and build. This would not be a complete report without thanking Hannah Francis without whom I would not have had a life changing experience which will stay with me forever. I never thought the day would come when I watched myself ride and felt a sense of ability and pride- it is a wonderful feeling. Thank you Rachel, Emelye, suzie, Indra for these precious videos. We have raised our pledged amount, thanks so much to all who have donated and/or supported with child care. Good luck to all Wobbleberries - be proud, kick on , you are amazing. 😘

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