BUCKING HELL - AND A WIN (of sorts!)

Yesterday Foxy and I (and groom daughter) set off for Tweseldown for my Wobbleberry Challenge. It was absolutely freezing and tipping it down ... AND for some unknown reason I had a brain freeze yesterday, didn't check the weather and clipped him - what WAS I thinking!! Anyway, he looked the part.. Got there, tacked up and warmed up (got frozen and wet more like) and did the dressage bit. Seemed to go OK, he felt as he does normally (HA!)... So, put him back in the lorry, and walked the XC course. We can move on now as I don't need to remember it, but suffice to say it seemed a long way and it was still freezing and wet - and windy. Show jumping first. Now I have been a little on the complacent side (until now!), as Foxy is an old pro at 22 and really all I have to do is to remember the course - and STAY ON! Which normally is just a matter of not tipping forward and throwing myself off as he is a child's schoolmaster who happens to have done Pony Trials.

First indication that all was not going to go to plan is when I lined up for my first small crosspole in the warm up arena, and blooming nearly got bucked off - so so close! Yikes, so did another couple of jumps and decided to just go in and hope that the little (!!?) glitch was just that! BUT NO. The Little B ..... basically bucked all the way round, somehow we only had one down, but 19 times faults as I ended up about the speed of a very slow snail - my reasoning being that when (not if) I fell off it would hurt less if I wasn't going fast. Was I glad to finish - and then withdrew from the XC and went home.

(Stunned silence on the drive back as he hasn't bucked for ages, but then we remembered - having had him for seven years - that the few times he has behaved like this it has always been cold, wet and windy - add in no fur too ... But Even So!!)

What was the Win you ask - well not falling off was a massive achievement!!

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