Back in the saddle

Well after the last blog i finally found time to have another riding lesson on the lovely Gomez. Before i go into details just need to mention about how this challenge is bringing people together, people who wouldn’t normally meet, live in another part of the country all because of the Wobbleberry Challenge. The other weekend a group arranged to meet at Belton Horse Trials most of us travelled a distance to get there but on this occasion the sun put in an appearance (you know the weather that isn’t rain or snow). It was great to finally meet ’real’ people even though we had known each other for ages through the various facebook groups. We also got to meet Hovis the famous Horse and Hound blogger, if you haven’t read his blog look up Hovis’ Friday Diary its a great read. Hovis and his mum (Karen) raise money for Bransby Horses which is celebrating its 50th year so keep an eye out they may be doing an appearance near you.

Hovis, Wobbleberries and berry ponies

Anyway back to today had a different instructor today and the group i was in there were only 4 of us and yay it was sunny for a change. Worked a lot on position in the lesson and as it was the first time back inthe saddle after last times unscheduled flying lesson i was quite glad, was told that my lower leg position was good but i still forget and lean forwards a really bad habit i just need to remember to sit up. Gomez was feeling quite forward going in the school (little devil) but guessing the sun and spring grass had a lot to do with it. We did trotting poles a few times it was going well then she asked who wanted to jump, well i thought its a cross pole i’ll give it a go and Gomez had spotted them earlier! so was quite keen nice calm steady approach and we jumped it (think it was about 60cm). All good then i was asked to give a couple of the ponies a lead over a smaller jump which i did, then we finished doing two jumps together. Felt really good to be jumping again, after the lesson stood around chatting and the owner said she thought i was really good over the xc fences not so much the showjumps so guessing that needs to be my focus now so lesson booked for next month. Busy few weekends coming up going to a side saddle show with a friend, helping at arena eventing, fence judging at Aston le Walls, Rockingham horse trials and helping at riding club 2 day event on the steeplechase so Cakeberry will be out and about with me so keep an eye out you may spot us.

Jonty Evans meets Cakeberry






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