Another lesson (getting on well with your instructor)

Well i went back for another lesson on Tommy with Cjay found out that Tommy is 14.2 been a few years since i’ve ridden a pony. Anyway half an hour can seem a long time when your practising lots of transitions in trot (my knees will let me know how long in a couple of days!) so all seems to be going well, may have slipped back into some old habits but soon reminded when i did them. We did some trot poles Tommy managed to sneak an extra half a stride in ponies seem to be able to do that. Then a couple of goes over a cross pole pretty pleased with that only the second time riding him.


So it will be back for another lesson in two weeks time at this point having a one to one lesson seems the right thing to do.

Also at the weekend went and spent some time with Seamus gave him a groom he is such a handsome chap.

Handsome Seamus

So this weekend myself and Cakeberry will be at Offchurch Bury nr Leamington Spa for a spot of volunteering with LandS Eventing, you’ll find us by the cross country warm up, so if you’re in the area drop by and say hi.




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