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Journey planning obviously isn’t one of my strong points.... so after the epic trip down and back from Hartpury, I’m back in the wagon, heading back down south to Melton Mowbray. What I should have done, is just stabled on the way back to break the journey up.... but as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I’ll plan better next time!

This time the journey is stress free, no unscheduled stops, & just an excited feeling about the next days training. We had won a place on an Andrew Hoy training day last year, but as I’d decided to break my wrist, we couldn’t go. I was devastated, but Andrew & the amazing wobbleberry team deferred my place to this year.

What can I say.....what a day! Andrew was amazing. I still can’t believe this top international rider gives up his time, and opens his yard to the wobbleberries in training. He was so open and honest, and spent a lot of time relating things that had happened in his life, to show he understood our fears when it came to jumping and competing.

I’ve got to be honest, I hung on every word, & in between sessions, went back to the wagon to make notes, as I didn’t want to forget a single bit of the day.

It was also great to meet some fellow wobbleberries, and realise we’re all worrying about the same things.

To say I was on a high at the end of the day is a complete understatement. I learnt so much, not just from my ridding sessions, but also watching the other group too.

What was the tip of the day..... tough call as everything was useful, but the phrase that sticks is “what goes on in the brain, goes down the rein”. Something that is particularly relevant to me.

To top the day off, I won the rosette for most promising wobbleberry...... no pressure then!!

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