And we’re off!

So, after the last minute pulling off of shoes (thank you will telfer!), losing the ability to ride at all over the last week, & saving a puppy from being squished in the middle of the road, we’re finally en route to Hartpury to the BD Winter Championships.

Thats me, Oscar & my trusty co pilot/groom/confidence coach/gin drinking buddy/meltdown preventor/wagon driver Carole! This girl has talent in spades!

So, even though I do this for FUN... why does it all become so stressful? I know I should be listening to what everyone is saying...just go and enjoy it...have fun.... you’ve achieved something already by getting there....

Instead, the last week has been exhausting....riding the test during the night about 100 times, sometimes well, often back to front. Trying and failing due to weather conditions to have a couple of last minute lessons to sort out my inability to manage to trot a 20m circle.

Its definitely made me realise how much effect nerves can have on your physical ability to ride. In the last few days, instead of feeling completely comfortable on board my horse, I’ve felt like a piece of wood, and about as useful as one sat in the saddle.

So, I’ve ammended my goals for this weekend. A result for me tomorrow will be to stay in the saddle for the duration of the test! Even better result would be to get a photo of me smiling during the competition!

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Wagon trip!

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