Amanda O’Reilly Weston & Welly Boots

Askham Bryan 07/10/2017

I bought Boots as a rising 5 year old having just lost my horse to a brain tumour I wasn’t ready to buy my next horse so I bought this rather on the forehand not quite 14.2hh Irish pony because I thought she would be nice type for my daughter in a few years. Never, for one second, did I think I would start eventing! Boots approached the dressage in a manor I can only liken to Kevin the teenager, which did make me nervous for the SJ and XC to follow (what if she’s not ready for this? What if I’m not?...) Thankfully my good friend and trainer Tracy Garside was the BE80 trainer that day and a few words from her and we were flying! Clear showjumping with just 2 time faults followed by the most amazing CLEAR cross country with (annoyingly) 20 time faults. She was amazing and took it all on! (We had 2 stops xc in our unaff 70 ODE just 2 weeks earlier).

We have both grown in confidence during our training for the challenge, we have had some highs and lows (hitting the deck a few times) and I wouldn’t change a thing! We have met some wonderful people along the way that I am now privileged to call friends, who have been very supportive on our journey and most importantly we have raised nearly £700 in honour or Hannah Francis. Thank you Hannah, without you I doubt I would ever have started eventing. I say started because there’s no way I’m stopping now....

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