Always look where you want to go (don’t look down)

Well not such a busy month this time, but still had the pleasure to watch some great riding. Started off with fence judging at The Pony Club Tetrathalon Championships at Offchurch Bury have to say the standard of riding was excellent as was the sportmanship and camaraderie of the competitors so thumbs up to The Pony Club equestrianism is in safe hands. Then it was off for a busy day supporting friends at Aston le Walls first up was Wobbleberry graduate Philippa Mitchell and the lovely Hughie fantastic dressage test by both, things didn’t quite go to plan in the showjumping but that’s the joy of horses, so brave decision not to go xc and saved for another day. I sneaked in a cheeky pony cuddle with Kissemie Dylan i am his no. 1 fan. Then it was Emma’s turn with the tricky Khan who after years of testing her finally seems to have grown up and they completed all 3 phases. Quick tour of the lorry park and found Beryl Stringer and her daughter Emma so lots more walking around the site wasn’t to be their day unfortunately but then when it does we have lots of smiles. Then it was off to Solihull with Becki Holmes and the lovely Buck well i was so glad that i was able to be there for Becki as support crew. They completed all 3 phases and if you had blinked you would’ve missed her on the xc she was too fast and came 10th but has now completed her challenge and is a Wobbleberry Graduate. Looking forward to seeing what they can achieve as a partnership in the future.

GCSE results day so proud my son got the results he needed for 6th form.

So today was lesson day it’s been a while since i had ridden the lovely Gomez kinda forgotten how big he was, he was feeling good and rather forward. We warmed up at bit some sitting trot, cantered, then we did some poles. We had to trot over 2 poles followed by 2 more, turn right and then canter turn and 2 canter stride poles followed by 2 more then back over the same again. This is where the look where you want to go next comes in, i need to look where i need to go otherwise the horse doesn’t know where he needs to turn so need to remember that one for the next lesson. lf you look at the floor that’s where you’ll end up! Anyway intructor changed the second of the canter poles to an upright and we jumped that, then changed the first trot pole to an upright and took the second one away, so we did the canter one and then followed by the original trot one, it felt good Gomez loves to jump asked after and both were about 60cm, happy with that.

Where’s my polo?

Thank you

So that’s it for this month.






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