The last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind but I do believe that things happen for a reason and everything sort of fell into place without much effort.

The decision made to sell Buzz was not easy but luckily the first person that came to view him fell in love with him and bought him. He has gone to a lovely lady about 18 miles away who wants to hack about and maybe do some fun rides which he is very happy to do. He settled in straight away so at least that was as stress free as it could be.

My friend and the one of the people that helps with my schooling etc (Naomi Carter) text me to say that a friend of hers had a horse for sale that she felt would be suitable for me, on asking for details she said he was 16.3 hh with my reaction being No way that is way to big. More details followed and I must say my interest was piqued, 9 years old, laid back, chilled but forward going thoroughbred, done a little of everything, honest and genuine. Who wouldn't be interested. She then sent a photo and told me his name was Elliott, my grandson is called Elliott, this I took as another sign so I arranged to go and see him.

First time on board and even went for a canter up the side of a field with another horse in front, no tanking, no pulling, then had a canter in front, exactly the same, I was in love! It was agreed that I could have him on trial if he stayed at Naomi's, agreed and the following Tuesday off I went to pick him up. Walked straight on the lorry and stood there, another big tick in the box.

Rode in the school on Wednesday, walk, trot, canter on both reins and even popped a couple of jumps, felt brilliant. Thursday went out for a hack, through a small busy village and along bridleways and again lovely canter across an open field where I still felt very much in control. Friday we went for a group jump lesson, he felt amazing. However, he stumbled after a jump went down on his nose and knees and I took flying lessons landing heavily on my back. Despite wearing a body protector I sustained heavy bruising to my lower back and huge swellings. Luckily nothing broken. Instructor did get on him and popped him around a course of jumps at 65/70 ish at which he was foot perfect, lovely to see. She then took him out on the cross country course where again although a little rusty he jumped everything and even cantered through the water. I couldn't have been happier.

Despite the fall I still feel this horse is so genuine and king so promptly bought him the following day, the accident was not his fault just one of those things. Whilst I am laid up waiting for the swelling and bruising to go down he has stayed with Naomi on a schooling livery, pointless him coming home if I can't look after him.

I feel that all the jigsaw pieces fell into place for a reason and am looking forward to having a go at some small competitions over the next couple of months. Fingers crossed I finally manage to make some progress into my Wobbleberry Challenge

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