After the snow comes.......

I have a confession, I haven't ridden all week. I'd like to think I'm not a fair weather rider but I'll draw the line at -4 (not including the wind chill) and then came the snow which pretty much meant Murphy was confined to the stable with a couple of visits to the horse walker a day while I was trying to figure out the best way to stop his water buckets from freezing. The automatic water feeder gave up on Tuesday and the taps finally gave in to the cold on Thursday when storm Emma came calling.

I don't think Murphy has minded his time off, unlimited source of food and no work and he's a happy boy (with a fat belly). I did tell him we'd had to cancel our first XC outing this season and he just gave me a look of 'well have you seen it outside? Now wheres that carrot you promised?'. It does mean we need to change our plans as I don't want our first time out XC this season to be a Hunter Trail.

His first time out since Thursday morning and he seemed to be quite happy to be out, last time we had snow I'm sure given half the chance he would have jumped up in my arms for me to carry him back to the stable. Nope instead he had a little energetic moment before settling down to a nice roll. Well and after the snow comes MUD, loads of it!! I'm sure he's ISH cross hippo at times.

After man handling the rug and transferring most of the mud onto me, I thought I'd give schooling a go. My expectations weren't high as now we not only had, scary skip, corner and jump equipment to contend with we also had lots of Murphy eating white stuff everywhere. Well bless him, he must've been as happy to be doing something again as I was as all the scary stuff seemed to disappear and he got on and did his job. Not as relaxed as he could be but a massive difference to the last time we tried to school in the snow and it certainly helped keep him straight ;O) Fingers crossed Spring is finally around the corner and we can get out and do some more fun stuff. Does Mother Nature not realise we've got a challenge to complete??

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