A slight wobble ...

I meant to ask to be videoed (so I could super cringe and then realise how wobbly I am, and how much too heavy!). Anyway, luckily I forgot!! Foxy and I went over to see Ben Greenwood in Cirencester yesterday - to say that Foxy was unenthused about the whole business would be an understatement. It was super windy and with his increasing years, he views anything in the arena as just tooooooo boring. Ben put up jumps, Foxy and I jumped them (I tried not to take off before him, and to sit back and not to fold too much, and to land on the correct lead, and keep a balanced canter...) meanwhile Foxy just carried me over them (sighing occasionally) while I wobbled about, folded too much, failed in my canter and was generally pretty awful but at least I stayed on (that pony is a saint!)

Next up is a little session with daughter at Wickstead Horseplay on Sunday - will report back ..

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