A quiet month

Well since my last post its not been a very busy month. The end of May i helped at Stoneleigh Riding Clubs 2 day event (traditional long format event) on the steeplechase phase in charge of timing was a hectic and busy day but caught up with friends as well the weather was good until the last hour when we had a thunderstorm come through queue soaked competitors but i was nice and dry! Then off to volunteer at a Wolf run at Stanford Hall with my son its great fun we were on inking (writing the competitors number on their forehead and other body parts within reason!) and finish line ( handing out goody bags to the finishers) all good fun.

Lovely feddback from a mad guy who went round twice

Sad news our beautiful goldie girl Cassie lost her battle with cancer she was only 4 yrs old a lovely dog who is being missed everyday but now pain free RIP Cassie.

Now about today‘s lesson, unfortunately Gomez is still out of action so i was on Mr Horse who hates being in the school. Bit of an odd lesson not sure what was going on he felt quite sluggish so woke him up a bit woah bit too much methinks because he thought it was time to jump (it wasn’t) so usual stuff in the lesson transitions etc. Then came the jumps one of us was unsurprisingly not keen at that point, not me so we kinda of fell over it, it wasn’t very big so was called back to do it again, but it was put up a bit which we jumped better. We did it few times then jumped a small wall which we did ok so we finished with a trot round the gallops.

Pictures of a less than impressed Mr Horse after the lesson.

Well thats it from me until the next time myself and Cakeberry will be out volunteering at LandS eventing BE event at Offchurch Bury at the end of the month so if you see us say hi.





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