A good day

Well todays lesson went well it was a busy day at the riding school which is great to see. Teamed up with Mr Horse who was in a chilled kinda mood, we did rather a lot of trotting today (think i may notice that in a couple of days!) We did some raised poles which even he managed to leave where they were, over a couple of cross poles and yes they stayed up too! So off round the gallops for a trot i was put at the back thank god he was not feeling as well as the last time i rode him.

Polos please i’ve been good

Slight distraction on the way round the gallops The Kinghts of Middle England had a stag party playing at being knights, looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Trainee Knights

Shameless plug for the Knights here if you are ever near Warwick Castle when they are doing their show do try and see it its fantastic.

Anyway whats in store for the next month some more volunteering with LandS at arena eventing, then its the start of the eventing season so its back out in all weathers (usually all in the same day).




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