A busy month

Well its been a busy month here started off with volunteering at a TREC competition a sport i knew very little about but now know a little more was judging a bank obstacle competitors were judged on how they rode the bank, whether they maintained the same pace through the obstacle and how straight they were between the flags, very interesting and all the volunteeer and competitors were friendly and appreciative a good day. Next off to Aston le Walls for a spot of fence judging, then with LandS Eventing for Arena Eventing the next day off to Rockingham International Horse trials to help with timing at their Arena Eventing also managed to get in a trip to Badminton to watch some friends competing at the Grassroots Championships.

Cakeberry helping judge the bank

Managed to fit in a couple of rides on my friend Amys (a fellow Wobbleberry) horse Tara who after being off work for a while came back did the arena eventing at LandS and they came 4th in their class so well done both.

Then today it was off for a lesson at Warwick Intenational School of Riding thought i was riding Gomez but ended up with Mr Horse. Here comes a shameless plug for riding tights bought some Sheldon ones good value at £29 have to say they are brilliant not too thin and a great sticky full seat (which works brilliantly with leather car seats yep you stick to them as well can be embarrassing getting out of the car!) Anyway back to the lesson Mr Horse is only a youngster hates being in the school (but will fly over xc fences) so he’s hard work to get going but we got there in the end. His showjumping has improved since i last rode him and as we were a group of 3 felt like a semi private lesson. Well went over trotting poles he was still making me work to get him going forward he spooked at something and can confirm the sticky seat helped. So onto a couple of jumps all going ok and positive comments coming my way that was until we did two jumps together nailed the first one (he had woken up by now) then totally my fault turned a bit sharp to the next one, he did think about stopping but put a short one in but still jumped it, so we had to come back round and do it again and this time was much better. So we did them again on the other rein instructor very pleased with all of us yay! Positives from this lesson my position is getting better, i am looking forward more instead of the ground and i did a great leg yield and didn’t realise when i did lol! We went off at the end of the lesson for a trot round the gallops Mr Horse not a fan of being in front went backwards at a spooky branch, we stopped and let someone go in front when was saw a stray balloon figured that was the easiest/safest thing to do, nice way to end the lesson. Then quick visit over to Princethorpe to watch a friends dressage test caught up with Beryl Stringer (another Wobbleberry) and her family we’ve been in a lot of places at the same time recently.

So Sunday will be spent volunteering for Stoneleigh Riding Club at their 2 day event at Princethorpe College on the steeplchase phase so fingers crossed the weather is good.





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