Deborah Hilliard & Bertie Bassett II


BE 80(T) Little Downham (3)



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I am a little late with this! I joined the challenge about a year ago and I can still remember the nerves jangling when I went on my first BE taster day in January 2017 - I could barely get out of a trot for the xc and had to stop for a rest around the little course set! However, onwards and upwards and I did it! Completed at Little Downham 3 on 30 September. An ok dressage, 2 sj down but clear xc (apart from a couple of time penalties) to come about 13th in about 30 fellow wobbleberries. The photo is me and the fabulous Bertie on the xc at LD3. What a feeling! My fundraising was modest compared to some but every penny counts (and some late donations still to be put in). Thank you Lorraine Porter for the fab photo.

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