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BE 80(T) Norton Disney (2)



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This will be my last blog, I promise... I finally completed my challenge in every way, having reached the cross country finish line at Norton Disney (2). We were eliminated at the first fence on our debut at Solihull in August, and at the 2nd fence xc 2nd time out at Little Downham. Despite my embarrassment, I made a conscious decision to share my result with other WBs. It doesn't always go right... that is the nature of eventing. However, I was proud that I had developed the skill and confidence to even tackle at BE80... after all, isn't that what the Wobbleberry Challenge is? And I wanted other WBs to be proud of their achievements. So, after these false starts, I have discovered I am more determined and tenacious than I ever knew. I entered our 3rd event and this is what happened. Super Harvs got out of the right side of the bed at 5:15. Felt on good form as soon as my bum hit the saddle. Pulled off a very decent test for a great score of 30.5 leaving us in 5th after dressage. His most polished clear SJ put us into 2nd as we started xc. Had to ‘show jump’ the first 4 fences to really keep him focused on me and not the fact he was on course on his own. We did have a slow round but it was CLEAR. Had I known where we stood I might’ve been tempted to ride more for the time, but this time it was more important to ride for the clear. Mentally, H made a massive leap forward and I’m thrilled to bits. Next season we can work on finishing inside the time. But what a fab way to end our first season eventing. As you can imagine... I have been somewhat overcome with emotion since, not helped by a message from fellow WB that helped me realise just how far we have come... Cai said:- "I'm so proud of you...you had a completely green [horse] with a taste for human flesh and the manners of a drunk rhino [true!]. You've had no one else school him round first, you just grafted away." I did graft, and I'm proud of us both, but I would not have stuck with it without this Challenge and everyone involved and, of course, thank you Hannah for inspiring us! I think we did you proud x

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