Challenge the best of both our abilities!

Captain America aka Steve and I have had a great year and progressed well. However when we went to try the BE 80 course at Solihull it proved too much for his 22 years! He stopped 8 times and I fell off twice...I suppose the positive is that I sat six! Undeterred (or possibly mad!) we even tried again a couple of days later...4 stops and 2 falls. My instructor and I decided that enough was enough! She said she didn't think she could get him round, so I certainly couldn't. So perhaps another year on another horse, but in the meanwhile we carried on carrying the flag (or in this case Oliberry and Hanberry) round various 60 and 70 cm unaffiliated ODEs and Hunter Trials, including one pairs class with fellow Wobbleberry, who I met through doing the challenge, Louise Carter. Each time wearing our Wobbleberry #InspiredbyHannah pink colours. We missed first place by just point two of a second...but were thrilled to receive, as well as our second place rosette a special rosette for the Most Smiley Faced Pair! Think this sums up the Wobbleberry Spirit! Thanks to Sally, Julia and all at Wobbleberry HQ for setting us on this journey and of course to Hannah who has inspired us all!

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