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I had an amazing time on the fabulous venue of Tweseldown. Where I am known to volunteer as well. I had a good part of the day to get my courage up (more like getting nervous) as I was on for Dressage at 16.02. My very lovely horse Pixie was all ready to go around 2 so off we went trundled. To be welcomed by the great parking man at the gate and better we where allowed to choose where to park (good, as close to the secretaries as possible). First of Prancing between white toblerones. She did her best and we pranced the correct figures in the correct places and correct paces or a decent 37.5 Showjumping a bit of a nemesis the last couple of times having a fall 2 weeks before and didn't get further the jump 3 at one off the Unaff earlier in the year. So lucky my trainer for this year was there and just told me to get on with it. So in I went and Kick I did till my legs fell off. But RESULT we jumped all jumps without stopping within the time. Ok we did have 2 poles but improvement to get to the end of the course. Cross country, my goal was to get as far as possible. Started of great by jumping the first 4 with little trouble (maybe a bit of pony clubbing). Fence 5 and Pix didn't want a drink from the bar, however I managed to get over on the third attempt. then the combination that had me worried a log perched on a hill and short turn to really up to height log with brush. She just popped both, trotted over the stone cart (I'm tired by now). Water was coming up with house in front, however also a tree in line of sight, another 2 run outs so Eliminated. However so glad I managed a large part of the fabulous Tweseldown and I'll go back next year. i have reached so many milestones from not ever having jumped a XC jump in March, not even being able to canter October last year. The post that made me shed a tear, from my trainer, who also took loads of pictures. About a year ago I was asked to help some riders who had signed up for the Wobbleberry Challenge. At my first lesson with Suzan and Pixie I met a combination who could barely do three laps of their arena in what I would have generously called a mediocre trot without collapsing in a heap. Canter wasn't always an option and if it did happen it was only on one lead and balance was a distant dream. As a coach I looked at the pair ( I hope they won't mind me saying) and as neither were natural athletes I thought they would have to work seriously hard to get anywhere near the standard required to get around a BE80 course. Over the past year, with a lot of support from yard mates they have come on leaps and bounds. Today they attempted their first BE80 at Tweseldown. Suzan spent the entire time I was there whiter than white and looked absolutely petrified but she got on with her job. The did the best test I've seen her do for a 37.5 dressage and battled her way around the showjumping with two down for another personal achievement. The XC started well but unfortunately the pair were eliminated at the water. They walked back to the lorry park determined to return to complete their challenge. I was disappointed for her but also so impressed with her determination and effort put in to get so far and not giving up when it got tough. Hopefully, they'll keep up the hard work over the winter and return in the spring and smash it. I hope they are proud of how much they have developed over the last year. Never give up on your dreams.

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