Nicola Bowley & Riversdale Zizzbe


BE 80(T) Askham Bryan College



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I cant beleive it was over in a flash, all the build up, nerves and panic attacks. What I will say is how amazing I felt afterwards, it really gave me the boost and confidence to know I can do this and would of quite easily entered Norton Disney BE which is running in 2 weeks if funds would of let me. The dressage took some rider sat nav errors halfl way through which was a real shame because we were riding lovely and then was all to pot as judge wanted me to start from just before error and I got flustered over where i was ment to be going.. The test its self was difficult in a sense that it was so repetitive BE91 as the judge commented alot of riders had issues. the SJ by time we went in to warm up had taken a toll of the ground making it very sticky and chewed up, this was Zizzy'y only second time jumping on grass and first time wearing studs.. he was been very careful in dressage warmup area under foot so I had opted for big studs in sj. we had 2 stops at fence 1 which i put down to my horse been unsure under foot. the following 6 jumps he took very steady and OMG I could still kick myself as i missed fence 7 and last second turned him into knowing full well ihe wouldnt jump it, given that hes a baby and ground was trashed .. so that was it end of my BE80 elimination.. so much learnt from those few minutes and lots to carry on to my next venture.. My plan is now some winter dressage and arena eventing, along with giving Zizzy amonth off and back into work for the JAS at Bishop Burton a somerford camp which will set me up for Epworth BE80 in March.. I hope to see many of you guys out and about

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