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BE 80(T) Askham Bryan



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Well what a day! I am physically and mentally exhausted. What a roller coaster ride this challenge has been. When I started I didnt seriously think I would ever be brave enough to complete a BE80 I didnt even know what a BE80 was! I have worked so hard over the last 12 months to conquer my fears and phobias and to be ready for this competition. I know that even though our performance was well below par we were ready. A fornight before my BE80 I stupidly declared that if my Just Giving Page got to £3000 before my event then I would dye my hair the same colour as my XC shirt, bright turquoise!!! On Sunday 1st October someone kindly donated £150 tipping me over the £3000 mark! So my BE80 was completed with bright, and I mean bright turquoise hair! Roscoe (Tralee Pete) was not on form at Askham Bryan a combination of a few things I think but thats horses for you they are a great leveller. I am not going to go into the ins and outs of our performance only to say that I think Roscoe thought the highest score won!! My main aim was to complete my BE80 for my Wobbleberry Challenge and I am pleased to say I did it. It wasnt pretty and it wasnt stylish and I was flung into the log at number 4 XC but I picked myself up and dusted myself off got back on and I did it. I did get a good cricket score but the main thing is I didnt get an E!! I must say when I finished the XC I was very disappointed with our performance and a little deflated. I had wanted to do so well and make Hannah and all of my friends and supporters. Who had all turned up to watch, proud. After a day or two I have had chance to reflect and can now say I am so proud of Roscoe and myself and the journey we have been on together. It has not been easy, it has certainly been emotional but it has soooo been worth it. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me in this challenge in whatever way be it donations, training, looking after my horse, emotional support, anything, without you I wouldnt have been able to do it. You know who you are. 😉😉😉😉 Extra Special thanks to my team manager Patricia Haisman who has been with me throughout with pep talks, training suggestions, venue suggestions and if all else fails alcohol!!! Pat you ROCK 😘😘 Anyone thinking of signing up for The Wobbleberry Challenge 2018 do it. Its hard work and you have to be committed but its fantastic and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Over £3000 raised for the charity and I will continue to fund raise until the end of the year I will be hoping to reach my target of £5000. THANK YOU Hannah I owe you so much xxxxx

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