Deborah Baird & Gomez the Goblin

Entered into BE 80 (T) Tweseldown



I bought Gomez in April specifically for the challenge...I last competed around 20 years ago and had recently had knee surgery, so it was all a bit trial and error! He had only hunted and I was a fair bit of work and plenty of aches and pains later, we did some schooling dressage, SJ and XC and then an UA 80 at Tweseldown and a BE 80 at Calsmden and our grand finale at Munstead which gave us a glorious win....I'm so proud of my little horse who tried his hardest every question I asked along the way and kept me safe and thoroughly enjoyed himself. For me, I'm very chuffed at our success and for the amount I raised (£3280) for this fabulous cause.

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