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It all started last year when i joined in a friday morning jumping group... this was made up of fabulous ladies called caroline, jane and kerry... slowly as our group bonded they told me they had signed up for the wobbleberry challange and encouraged me to do the same, which i did... over the nxt few months myself and my wonderful horse ronnie trained really hard in all 3 aspects and then in may along side caroline we done our challange.... i was nervous but excited as it had become a personal challange as well..... loosing over 10 stone and over coming my jumping fears i felt ready to do this... I loved every minute and even though our scores wernt amazing i felt like id won Olympic gold.. loving it that much we have just competed our second challange at little downham last weekend. We improved our scores and if wasnt for my say nav error we would of been in the top 10 placings.... never the less ive made some lifetime friend's and done things i never thought possible... just remember life is for living so dont put off your dreams go grab them with both hands.... just like hannah did.

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