Sally Zarwalski & I Candy

Entered into BE 80 (T) Norton Disney (2)



I'm a core berry . I'd not set foot on a BE course until October last year. I'd signed up for the wobbleberry challenge and volunteered to be part of the area committee. I knew this was where I would aim to ride then. Unfortunately I'd not been in a school since 1979 and my partner Floss was a lairy 16.3 warmblood x TB on L plates . We'd only just signed up to the challenge when she had an accident but nearly scuppered everything. But she recovered and the two of us set about learning to ride together. Many hours later ( many hours) , we have learnt a lot. She's still spooky and lairy still wobbly but we can keep working on the finer detail over time . We are aiming for Norton Disney..we're going to give it all we've got and proudly ride For Hannah.

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