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t's been an eventful 12 months. I signed up for the challenge with my still green partner in crime and the first thing we did was have a freak accident on the beach which left me unable to ride for 13 weeks. Not the best start! I came back ready to embrace the challenge in February and had a cracking fall on my first jumping lesson - resulting in a bit of a mental breakdown and my nerves completely shattered!! :D Still we have kept on with the training with some fantastic instructors who have helped us immensely. I really wanted to do the challenge this year, so entered Pontispool against my better judgement really as my boy is still quite spooky with anything new. We did our best ever dressage and he was really calm - happy days!! Having walked both jumping courses I was feeling really confident - nothing out there that I thought we weren't ready for and I thought we could give it a good go. Unfortunately my Rock Star had other thoughts and the atmosphere proved too much in the sj arena resulting in an early elimination. Totally gutted. Hey Ho onwards and upwards!! In my best Arnie voice "we will be back" :D

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