Felicity Hails & Misty Love


BE 80(T) Eden Valley



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I have never evented but in my younger days enjoyed partaking in unaffiliated events. However, as I got older, I lost my confidence and my nerves ensured that I created every reason under the sun not to do anything that involved jumping competitively. I concentrated on dressage but it never gave me quite the same buzz. Then along came Wobbleberries and the motivation to give it a go before my 50th birthday. With lots of help from some great friends and coaches and lots of hard work my confidence grew and amazingly I completed my challenge at Eden Valley on 1st October - 3 months before my 50th!! Thanks to everyone who helped me and my fabulous, if quirky, little chap Vinnie (Misty Love) who has turned out to be my pony of a lifetime. It's been a blast!

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