Victoria Gilmour & Neala


BE 80(T) Munstead(2)



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Lovely wobbleberry supporters , here is our event report from Munstead BE 80 (t) . We arrived in style having been driven by Super Sam Jennings ,was even able to spy on Neala via a camera ! Ground was lovely ,studs in , tack on and off to the dressage .Calm Neala was in charge of Neala's brain today so we were able to warm up sensibly with no explosive moments ! Managed to get Canter on both reins straight away and I was quite pleased with the test ending up with I think 38 .Went off to walk the cross country course again before the show jumping , quick tack change and off to warm up , Calm sensible Neala still in charge and we had a Trot , Canter and pooped some poles with plenty of scope .Then off into the show jump ring with a tannoy , buzzer,people , trotted in and sensible Neala fled and stage fright set in ! Agh ,only managed to Trot to start end of the arena before we got buzzed to start ,so couldn't show her round at all , stopped at the first fence , stopped at the second fence, stopped at the third fence and got eliminated 😭she never stops ! Aghhh !! This meant we weren't allowed to go cross country ,I was so disappointed.Had really been psyched up to do it , so rather fed up to be honest . But for me to have even considered doing this shows how far we have come ,and we did get a lovely wobbleberry rosette !! many thanks to Sam Jennings, Janine Lamy,Jemma Bonsorand Jennie Radford and all my family and fellow Wobblies for all your time,expertise and support .we raised £539 for Hannah Francis's Wilberry the wonderpony charity so winner ,winner chicken dinner !! 😁xxxx Edited £740! thank you !!! We are going to sort out the stage fright over the winter and maybe have another go in the spring !

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