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Munstead 2017 Felt numb during the run up and through the day! Dressage wasn't his best, he'd seen the xc so distracted! We lost left canter, couldn't find it anywhere - he's a right handed racehorse, who needs left canter!! 😳 On to the show the rain! It was at this point I realised why people pack a second pair of breeches, nothing to do with falling in the water on the last phase!! Note to self! Still no left canter but again not needed when you're straight to the show jump! 🤔 Willie jumped well, one one down and then a stop at the double. Funnily enough on the Left rein and guess which leg we were on?!? Jumped it well on the second attempt (off a right circle! - see what I did there?!?) Huge cheers of support as we crossed the finish from fellow Wobbleys and my support team which were growing by the minute! 😊 Back to the trailer for a quick change 'ready' for the cross country phase (I'll never be 'ready' for that) He warmed up well, a slight hold up with distracted paramedics as they attended to unprompted rider head planting (she is ok, a little concussed) Off we set, over the first, strong, getting stronger to the second, around the corner to the third - still strong, fourth, you guessed it stronger still, fifth fence Way too strong, then an abrupt stop as Willie realised the reason I was asking for whoa was a combination with a drop and the camber falling away! We turn to come again, we had a disagreement and he stopped again, and then again. I know I should have changed my stick to my right hand or even used it but I didn't! And I didn't mind. I was just relieved to be going home in one piece! I am a bit disappointed I didn't finish the course but we have both overcome so much in this challenge, me having a horse break its leg on my first ODE 20 odd years ago and Willie realising he doesn't have to go fast and furious at everything!! So many people to thank...All you wonderful Wobbleberry's - be proud! Trainers...Kate Pheasant, Penny Sangster, Janine Lamy and Sam Jennings - god you have done a good job with me and Willie. Martin Wright for your words of wisdom at Comphurst and Tanya for that speed work I was so scared to do! Everyone that has donated to my just giving page - £1,190 so far Amazing, thank you! Jo Davies Sports Psychology for getting my head straight! Louisa Day for your wonderful photos! My ground crew my mum, Karen, Sarah and Sharon. Most of all Hannah Francis the girl that got me jumping again, I hope you enjoyed watching us all, you have made such an impact on so many. Thank you for reading xxx

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