Becky Madeley & Cranford Silver Boy

Entered into BE 80 (T) Eden Valley



I signed up to the Wobbleberry Challenge having not done a cross country jump on Flynn, his show jumping was like a demolition Derby and our dressage was definitely work in progress! Athleticism and speed are not our strength but he has a kind heart, jumps anything and looks after me. So I thought let's give this a go! It was just the motivation I needed. I've always loved eventing - watching from the sidelines!. I'm a great groom and supporting others and always volunteer to help out at BE events. Just never been brave enough or made too many excuses not to give it a go. I signed up to the challenge with Felicity Hails and it has been great to have someone at the same yard to encourage each other through the good and bad times. Our training started immediately with a cross country training session with Charlotte Ridley at the amazing Park End. All went well and Flynn jumped everything asked of him. Over the winter we did training sessions with the Corbridge Riding Club and come the spring headed off to Wobbleberry Camp at Parkend. What a fab couple of days and I've never looked back. Having regular lessons has with Jane Mancey has continued our progress. We still have the odd pole down (but certainly not the destruction that was left in our wake!). Flynn is now fairly spritely and enthusiastic (still well hidden within the laid back Irish exterior). Over the spring and summer I've entered a number of unaffiliated competitions. Starting with a 65cm hunter trial and building up slowly until last month we did the unaffiliated 80 one day event at Northallerton around the BE course. All went well so I feel I'm as ready as I'll ever be to complete my challenge at Eden Valley. I'll be keeping everything crossed that the weather is kind to us and it isn't cancelled. As long as we have a nice day and don't disgrace ourselves I will be over the moon!

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