Sally Price & Fair Vintage

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3)



Lara (aka Fair Vintage) and I have entered little Downham and there are only 3 weeks to go! It's has been such an adventure for us. I bought Lara this time last year in order to complete the challenge. Having always been a happy hacker with a lovely fatty cob, a friend decided it was time I stopped talking about it and finally upped my game to eventing. I set out to buy a nice 15hh native gelding 12yo that had seen it all before. Having tried several of these, (most of which reduced me to tears in trot) I eventually brought home a 16.3 7yo full TB who'd done nothing but race and hunt. It's been a tricky road and I've averaged one air jacket canister a month ever since. The photo of Lara is of my SJ trainer showing Lara Hickstead on TV as part of her preparation! Lara and I are a determined pair (well I keep telling her that), and we are going to get this challenge done no matter how many more hit air cartridges I need......, Unless it's raining, then she refuses to move. Wish us luck!

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