Alison Dunevein-Gordon & Cosmic Doubt


BE 80(T) West Wilts (3)



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Very proud to say that we did it! This was a massive challenge for us as we literally started from trotting poles this year. We both managed to injure ourselves (separately!) and I had to fight back from a nasty head injury and a broken hand. This meant we only really started training in earnest in July and our first go at jumping 80cms was the week of the BE event! Many times I thought we would have to postpone until next year, and many times I thought I was just too terrified to continue, but we worked incredibly hard and I'm hugely proud to have crossed the finish line with no jumping penalties on the cross-country (rather a lot of time penalties!) and only a couple of unlucky poles in the show-jumping! I have lost a stone in weight and have been out running religiously rain and shine to get fit. My beautiful boy did me proud, and is getting a well deserved couple of days off.

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