Jenni Winter & Diamond Del

Entered into BE 80 (T) Munstead



Having become a sponsor of this challenge in Sept 2016 I was inspired to take it on myself! So I signed up in Oct 2016 with a plan to complete Munstead in Sept 2017. I'm not the type of person who would ever want to run a marsthon to raise money for charity but doing something with my 19year old mare Della was far more appealing. Having not jumped for 4 years (did BD and showing instead) and never gone xc this was the perfect charity challenge. It been one heck of a rollercoaster! We've literally had blood (well broken fingers, bruises and knackered ankles and knees), sweat (by the bucket load - found a new appreciation for breathable clothing) and tears (frustration and elation). Our training was well ahead of schedule in June when my girl was diagnosed with missing spine and djd of the hocks. We treated it, got her into rehab and did a quick replay. She's come back even better than before and I'm actually really excited about Munstead this weekend!! I've used every single tool in my own psychology toolbox for myself and of course helped many fellow Wobbleberries along their challenge too. I've made new freinds, moved yards and have found a new addiction- I've gone from matchy dressage kit to matchy xc colours- the thrill of going clear xc just can't be matched!! I've got a big charity gala evening on the cards in October so that will raise my desired £1k hopefully and I'll continue to support the challenge as a sponsor next year. Bit by bit, step by step- YOU CAN DO IT!!

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