Valda Woodall & Kildare Scooby

Entered into BE 80 (T) Munstead(2)



10 days to go and the nerves are already bubbling at the surface! We've worked so hard for the last 6 months and technically I know we're capable of completing this challenge but we have very little competition experience and mentally it's tough! We have completed one 70cm Hunter Trial at Chilham where we were both so nervous we nearly didn't make it out of the warm up, one Unaff prelim dressage competition which was full of tension and one Unaff 70cm ODE at Borde Hill which ironically was less terrifying but jockey riding errors resulted in uncharacteristic run outs. Scooby is such an honest and brave little horse but he is young, green and incredibly sensitive - if I wobble, so will he! I cannot begin to describe what a massive change this Wobbleberry Challenge has made to me. Despite being horse mad for as long as I can remember, the real enjoyment of riding has always proved illusive. Fear has been the controlling factor and I had accepted that this was the one area of my horsemanship that would never change. I learnt to live with it by remaining firmly within my fairly limited comfort zones. Through this challenge, with the amazing training and support of my brilliant instructors and fellow Wobbleberries, we are achieving things which 6 months ago would have been impossible and more than anything else I have discovered the true joy of riding my horses. Whatever happens at Munstead, we have given it our all and we will continue to enjoy the gift that Hannah's bravery has brought to us. I think that she would be proud of her small army of Wobbleberry eventers.

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