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When I put our names down for this challenge I was seriously thinking of selling Binky and giving up horses all together. I had had Binky just over a year and whilst she has always been pretty easy my confidence was at an all time low and just riding everyday was a massive chore. Long story short I went to an amazing summer camp which kicked started my confidence and made me realise I was most of this problem I had always followed Hannah's story after reading about her in a horse magazine and when I heard of this challenge I knew it was something Hannah would be so proud of and would be totally behind. I didn't make my mind up straight away but whilst on holiday with my husband I decided to take the plunge. Me and the binks have achieved more in this last year then I ever thought imaginable and it's all down to this challenge. So we completed out event at horseheath 2 in August. I was totally terrified after walking the course with my husband but also very determined to complete. Binky was her usual chilled out self on the day even with the huge atmosphere. We got a fab dressage on 33.8, well I was chuffed anyway. We had 3 down SJ which was all my fault. There was a white oxer that was causing issues and I panicked and she ploud through it and then we had a bit of a shaky finish to the round. However we were through to the XC and that's all I wanted. Going to the XC warm up I was feeling very sick, we popped a few jumps and made our way to the start, 54321 and we were off!! We had a fab clear round and I was ecstatic and emotional. We racked up a maaaasive amount of time faults but I don't care. My little horse had tried her heart out and even though we were both a little scared and pretty unfit she just carried me round and kept trying. So we came 23rd in the end but we weren't quite last and the main thing is we got round and the XC course caused a fair few issues that day. I am not sure that team binks will go BE again but we will definitely carry on jumping and competing and it's all thanks to this challenge and the wonderful and inspiring Hannah. Keep kicking on all my fellow Wobblies, we can all do it.

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