Cai Felton & Diamond in the Rough

Entered into BE 80 (T) Little Downham (3)



So I'm all entered for LD(3). Not sure we're totally ready but we have to stop procrastinating! Izzy is a purebred Irish bog trotter, we've been together 15 months; I was pregnant for the first 9 of them so very slow progress. She's known as Saint Izzy among my friends and I'm starting to worship the ground she trots on! The challenge has seen me enter the ring in tears on numerous occasions but I've learnt so much and achieved things I only dreamed of, I jumped at stoneleigh this year because I qualified along the way! I'm a daddy's girl and after he replaced my hat following a fall XC recently, despite being away on holiday himself, I decided I would complete this challenge one way or another for Hannah's parents. I have 2 little girls aged 2.5 years and 7 months, I hope they're proud of mummy for trying.

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