Brenny Matterson


Northallerton Equestrian Centre


Well, Jazz and I took up the challenge and have taken things slowly since registering last year. It’s been a bit of a steep learning curve in places, to say the least. I prefer to keep all feet firmly on the ground and Jazz finds dressage, ‘boring’! We’ve learned such a lot and our journey so far has taken us to riding club training sessions, camps, lessons and competitions and we’ve completed 2 unaffiliated One Day Events at 70cms. We’ve also made lots of new friends, equine and human, along the way and had lots of support and encouragement from family and friends. On Sunday 27 August Jazz and I competed in the 80 ODE at Northallerton Equestrian Centre, North Yorkshire. 39.0 (61%) dressage score; 2 down in the SJ (huge!) unfortunately eliminated at fence 8in the XC . So, we did what we'd set out to do for our challenge , although we were a bit overawed by it all. Lots to work on for next season! It’s unlikely that we’ll do a BE 80 ODE by the end of this season but it will remain as a personal challenge for next year. That said, taking up the challenge and taking part is the main thing. I’ve done this for Hannah and to contribute the charity she breathed life into to help others. I’ve also undertaken the challenge as a tribute to our beautiful niece Caitlyn Fischer, another talented young event rider, sadly taken from us too soon. I'm very proud of my little mare Jazz and all we've achieved this year. Brenny and Jazz! x

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