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BE 80(T) Solihull



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So, one grumpy, slightly drunken night while looking for a new life challenge I started cruising Facebook. There I found a totally insane challenge called the Wobbleberries. I read it out to the hubby who said don't be daft you couldn't do that (largely due to lack of horse). So I applied! As I thought, the organisers where insane and duly sent me an acceptance. This meant that after 20 years of not riding I needed to start lessons. Oh and buy a horse! In October I found Hughie an opinionated ex masters horse who was way too much horse for me. Bought him anyway as while he is opinionated and holds firm views about not doing flatwork he is a kind old boy with a jump like pegasus! In our first arena event at 70cm we got a double clear, well except for the 40 something time faults. like I said he is basically kind and thought I would be safer in trot! Since then we have moved to a fabulous yard owned by my trainer who has built my confidence and Hughies tolerance. He still objects strongly to dressage and insists on frequent bucks instead of canter transitions and our squircles are unpredictable to say the least but progress is being made! We where supposed to complete our challenge at Offchurch but Hugh got a lung infection (timing is everything!). So we went to the unaff instead and had an eventful day with our worst dressage ever of over 49! but fab SJ and XC so very much on a high! We then entered Solihull BE and decided to stable over night. First error! We had 40mph gusts and horizontal rain for our dressage. My big brave hunter does not do rain! The judge obviously had a sense of humour as was laughing hard as I finished. 46.3 at least it was better than Offchurch! In the showjumping warm up we again added a touch of humour for the other competitors as we bucked and boinged our way over a couple of warm up fences. Only 8 faults once we finally got going due to me spending more time on the breaks than the steering! Off to XC again rodeo impersonations in the warm up (at least he wasn't getting tired!). In to the start box one leg rested quite surprised he didn't snore! count down finishes and off we go! No we don't we spin hard left and try to return to the warm up! loads of kicking and encouraging four letter words and we start walking casually in the direction of the first, into trot, loads more kicking he is definitely accelerating, darn it, first stop, try again same procedure my legs feel like they are going to fall off! second stop! More encouraging four letter words wait for the fence judge to pick up her chair that had blown over during our second approach and try again. And we are off! He flew the rest of the course like an absolute pro! time of my life! So we finished Solihull on 167.3! But we finished! I am now entered into Little Downham to try and beat that score! I am hoping that we don't get the squalls and the judges chairs stay put!

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