Nicole Corbin & Midnight Madness IV

BE 80(T) Keysoe (2)



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Well we did it! From not airborne in 20 years and no horse in January to completing the challenge in June. Gemini (Midnight Madness) was a superstar as always. Very pleased with a 40.3 dressage. Flying clear round sj and then on to xc. We had a foot perfect round, flew everything and felt like a true partnership, except at fence 11. Gem didn't like the look of the ditch which clearly came as a surprise and I went out the side door. No major damage done though so, after removing my air jacket, we carried on to finish as strongly as we started. I was really disappointed but now, with a few months to reflect, I'm actually proud of the fact I did it the hard way (with a very bruised bum!!!) and still completed. 6 months ago I never would have thought I could get back on after such a tumble. I couldn't have found the confidence without the amazing Gemini, her phenomenal owner, and invaluable coach, Zoe, my 'Pitt crew' who did everything including jump every fence with me I think and of course the inspiration of Hannah and her cause.

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