Kylie Hardy & Peau Aime (Kermit)


BE 80(T) Kirriemuir (2)



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What I have loved about this challenge is that it has brought 100's of people together for a common goal and in the process they have concord fears and made friends. I had never really competed before and I had not even owned a horse for any length of time for over 25 years! Due to travelling and a young family I had not really ridden much in that 25 years either, so once I decided to start riding again in 2014 I somehow thought that buying myself a massive 17.2HH thoroughbred was a good idea! The truth is he stole my heart and I can't believe how patience and forgiving he has been with me from the start with my very bad riding and through the whole Wobbleberry process. This challenge has fast track our aim to do a BE and through sweat and determinate we finally got there. We completed our BE in July and have since gone on to do another one with an improved score! Thank you Hannah for providing the inspiration to achieve this goal.

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