Clare Bourne & Cledlyn Brenin Cymru

BE 80(T) KEYSOE (3)



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Mac (Cledlyn Brenin Cymru) & I completed our challenge at Keysoe on 27 August. We got 41 for dressage, 8 faults showjumping and unfortunately we were eliminated at fence 12 on the XC. But I am so very proud of my pony, he tried so hard and put his whole heart in to it. It was an amazing experience. I decided to do the challenge last September but we didn't start getting ready until March because Mac can be a total lunatic over the winter. My biggest challenge was getting him on the lorry so I spent quite a few months bruised and battered but determined to persevere. After months of taking him out and never giving in he is pretty much OK to load now. This is such an achievement for us as I have struggled with it for years. He can also be a massive handful when he is out and about, so our outings leading up to the final challenge have been about coming home without injury to us or others! This experience has made massive changes to his attitude and I am now able to focus on doing OK rather than just staying on board. I have owned Mac since he was 3, he is now 12. It hasn't been easy, he is a big, strong, overgrown Welsh Cob with a lot of attitude but also a lot of heart. I really struggle with my nerves. This challenge has been amazing for us both. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and would like to say a massive thank you to the founders and everyone who has made this challenge happen. I am just about to have another push at getting some more sponsorship but I have currently raised about £687.50.

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