Cathy Hearne & Ballinure lass

Entered into BE 80 (T) Munsted (2)



11 days until our BE80 debut at Munsted and I am proud to have reached my personal fundraising target! Any extra is now icing on the cake. We are still not really ready, slim enough, fit enough, organised enough etc etc but we are doing it on the 16 th September 2017, barring injury. What a total blast this year has been. Such a hilarious group of non standard eventers( both horse and rider) but showing tremendous pluck and tenacity by getting on with it for Hannah. To anyone considering taking part in 2018, even if it scares you/ you don't have the right horse or gear/ not enough time blah blah; it's all true. However, approaching the end of the challenge, (even if we get eliminated), my horse Purdy and I have achieved things this year I wouldn't have dreamt of this time last year. The most basic of these being to actually load up my trusting steed and trailer her all over the place by myself. I know, sounds pathetic but everyone has their own demons. If u see me at Munsted, I will be the one in green with silver stars, give us a wave and a cheer; it might just get us round the course! I'm hoping my plucky little Irish horse humours me and gives it her best shot. As always, the real stars are the horses and, of course Hannah Francis.

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