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Big Vic the human and I have trained very very hard indeed for this most recent mission, hours of dressage lessons, cross country training and show jumping competitions. A very early start of 5.30, would have been earlier had the human not been clever and sewed all Vics plaits in the previous night. This time we had the wonderful company of dear friend Liz clay. Phew arrived at horseheath in good time and journey went perfectly. Settled big Vic with his hay and water and the humans and I went off for a crepes for breakfast. 10am we met up with Michael paveley for the xc course walk which was very useful, the human quite clever as chose to do the alternative at the ditch... After watching someone fall into it!!! Once course walked and game plan made we returned to get big Vic ready for the poshy bit!!! Stressage is the humans nemesis and for some reason her and Vic warm up like Valegro & Charlotte then the judges horn sounds and it looks more like a thelwell cartoon of a tiny child being dragged about by an upside down llama!!!! Well this day the test went better than usual!!! Off to walk the sj with Barry the be coach. All the course looking very doable .... Even tho somehow previous competitors lots of stops and poles!! Vic kitted out for sj and off we go!! Warmed up lovely then Crickey oh blimey!!! Clear round showjumping and found out the posh bit was 38!! No time for too much thinking then we are kitted out for the fun bit!!! Xc here we go!! Quick warm up then we are off again!!! Vic worked his butt off to do a lovely clear round for a double clear!!! Results are in... some slo mo points but a lovely double clear and wow the top ranking wobbleberry team were our dear friends helen kinsella, kat and antberry!!! They won a video of their round!! Team big Vic came 2nd highest Wobblies!! We had a lovey trip home and look forward to the next one!! Watch this space ....


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