Take your pony to work & happy camping!!! Wowsers what a whirlwind weekend that was!! The human works in two jobs as a carer & a cook. Saturday the human finished her night shift caring then grabbed vic & I then shot off to work at Wix equestrian centre in the cafe, Vic and I attended as before the humans shift she wanted to take us both round the cross country for clear rounds!! Well she walked the course Friday with Vic after the lesson and between them she thought was going to do all the mahoosive ones!!! As a very sensible Willberry pony I went with her Saturday and advised her the yellow middle option were the ones to do (still beefy and 2ft9) quick change then we are off!!!!! Luckily the lovely Mary thornley taught Vic and the human some start box technique on Friday so whoohooooo off we flew!! You know us berrys love the adrenalin rush of cross country!! 2 fab clear rounds!! Vic settled for the afternoon in the stable next door to the cafe (he even had a pack up!!) human then catered for the other riders and entourages with the beat cheesy chips in England, wow what a great day for Wix eq as over a hundred rounds were done and no accidents or incidents! Well then we caught some sleep as a 5am start for Sunday as we were off to poplar park to be day campers at the klm events management organised autumn camp with Jonathan Allinson. We set off so early as the human panics about longer journeys! The sat nav froze so we ended up nearly in Lowestoft and wasted lots of fuel! We got there somehow in good time and met up with some lovely people and yay some were wobbleberries too!! Jumping lesson first, not before ensuring that Jonathan was given his favourite bribery of kindness cake, the battenberg, instructor suitably bribed and we had a fab lesson... Apart from the humans sat nav in her head broke so did her own idea of an exercise, very far removed from the actual exercise!! Then off for lunch and a chill for Vic and I, the human went with Jonathan to see what would happen on the xc lesson.. Epic Fail though as we didn't use the same area of the venue whoops!! The cross country training always makes the human quite vomity and Whingy and this was no exception. Vic puts up with a lot let me tell you!! All going well until faced with a blooming great hole in he ground with fire breathing dragon installed!! No way Vic was going over that!! Poor human had a severe panic attack and had to regroup whilst Jonathan and Vic had a convo which Vic lost! (Silly human hadn't taken her chill pills) The human safely back on board and able to see again after blubbing and steaming up her specs, the session finished well considering the humans total lack if confidence. Vic and I have a tough job with this human, she is very prone to leaking from her face and squeaking a lot... Vic and I need a medal!! Watch this space for more shenanigans!! Love bumbleberry xx ps it transpires that apparently human had her brave pants on for Saturday and left them in the wash Sunday!!EndFragment

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