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Hello Wobbleberries

It has taken me sometime to give you an update on mine and Junebugs wobbleberry challenge, that we did at the beginning of July at Offchurch Bury Horse Trials.

So here it goes wasn't meant to be. We wasn't ready but lessons have been learnt and how to be ready for next time. I under estimated how much the ground condition and the atmosphere can zap a horses energy.

We had an average dressage test scoring 34.0 as I had a meltdown before going into the test as I thought I couldn't remember. So a quick look at a borrowed sheet helped me, but I was shaking like a leaf.. Then came the showjumping.. The fences were up to height, wide and very spooky. We warm up really well but we were in the ring JuneBug turned very green/ spooky and made me work very hard. Sadly we was eliminated xc as we had refusals towards the end of the course. But we did mange to jump 13 out 16 fences. This how the xc went the first part of the course felt amazing but after fence 8 she became tired as there was a long gallop but it was up a steep hill to a step up at 9a then we had our first run out 9B which was a skinny dog kennel. Then came the dreaded corner fence at 10 which we encountered another refusal but second time round was the charm. It was then a nice steady pace down hill over 11 and throw the water at 12a&b, then it was up hill again to 13 which was a wide bed with scary yellow flowers as a ground line. This put her off and landed on top of it which counted as refusal as she came off it backward and not forward lol. But the second round worked it magic but as we approach 14 I could feel she was tired and grounded to a halt, which meant 4 refusal out on course and was eliminated.. On refection walking back to the lorry I was upset but relived we had come back in one piece as a team. As there was a few lost rides though out the day.

Since doing this event been looking back on all of our achievements over the past few years, since she was backed in work after having my second child. Well more so over the past 9 months. We wouldn't be where we are today without the Wobbleberry Challenge and raising money for Hannah fantastic charity Willberry Wonder Pony. I think would be still at intro dressage and barely scraping over a single 60cm (still do lol), let alone completing around a course of fences, I think I would of laugh at you. Even more so if you had said that we were going to complete at BE80 level before the end of the end of 2017 season. But here we are just over halfway through the season and we have completed at BE80. Yes we have a 'E' on record, we gave it our best shot and we have learnt from our mistakes and we are looking forward to our next adventure. Hopefully Norton Disney 2 will be the one for us, fingers crossed. #Inspiredbyhannah #Wobbleberrychallenge #FedonTopSpec


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