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Well, we have technically completed the Wobbleberry Challenge. However, our BE debut didn't exactly go to plan. A rhythmic, if a little tense, dressage test, containing a small pilot error from yours truly left us with a disappointing mark. A generally fab show-jumping round, marred by an unnecessary stop, was also disappointing. Unfortunately, the 'big event' atmosphere and proximity of the warm-up to xc start box contributed to Harvey reverting to his previous nappy behaviour. Elimination quickly followed. However, I am proud of myself for riding with commitment and determination throughout. I really enjoyed competing and my nerves were under control. The next challenge is to actually complete! And to continue to raise funds for Willberry. Both of these we will do. Hannah's legacy and The Wobbleberry Challenge have changed lives - certainly mine. Without either, I would never even have made it to the start. And this event was the start... not the end. Watch this space!!!

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