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Mum doesn't really do that internet etc so thought I'd do a blog of her day myself!

We left for norton disney at 6:30 in the morning!! A 3/4 of an hour Detour due to a crash and when we finally got there we got stuck in the only patch of wet in the whole lorry park!! A quick tow from the tractor and we arrived! We walked the course and once she finally learnt it she was quite confident! I did my 90 and mum was a top groom!! And then it was action time! Pony had his toes sparkling and white hair glowing! They warmed up nicely and went on to do a lovely test for 33.5. AND remembered the whole test! On to showjumping! Worried about riding an always very hyper pony showjumping mum coped brilliantly and pony looked after her very well for a lovely clear showjumping! And onto cross country; poor mum and Miller!! Walking to the start box all ready to go and someone fell off.. loose horse comes straight for them, once eventually caught they proceeded to walk it past the start box on the course and mum was told to " go go go" completely throwing both Miller and mum they had a dodgy sideways jump at one and were given 20 penalties.. very annoying but flew the rest of the course! All in all she was very happy to be out of retirement and I think she even has the eventing bug back to do another event! I am so proud of my mum for doing the challenge and raising as much money as she did, having my auntie die 3 days before from cancer it meant so much to me to be raising money and awareness for such a good charity.

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