Oooopppps – sometimes there is just no helping Mum!

Well since I updated you all last, I have been an incredibly busy boy. I half thought it would be nice to have a holiday after my first BE, so decided a week later to look very slightly sore. I didn’t want to worry Mum too much, but I had seen what the rain had done to the grass and thought the lovely Serena needed my help to get the grass back under control. Sadly, my cunning plan backfired. Instead of 2 weeks in clover, I instead had a day at the vets. The vet was his most diplomatic self when talking to Mum, and managed to use another word instead of neurotic, and sent me home after taking lots of pictures of my legs. Odd man! I know I am photogenic but that is not my best angle.

From then on, I had a week off, but was taken away from the lovely new grass – so I decided I better prove quickly that I was fine to work, before I was starved to death!!! Dear 4 legged readers, please be warned, sometimes the 2 legged's can be unpredictable and training will not go as planned.

I then went to my second BE event with Harry, but this time we also had my chum Smartie for company, which made it more fun. This was at Horseheath, and I had a big fan club with me there. I decided it was time to outshine the skinny looking eventers, to prove that I didn’t need to be leaner, and that I could have plenty of grass and still do this. So, part 1, I strutted my stuff again and we were off.

Part 2 – show jumping – now this was a bit of a shame – the yellow double looked a bit scary but Harry had not noticed this, so I had another look and forgot to keep the poles up, and what with a very light plank (I am sure that was just the wind, not my rather large feet, that was the problem there) – we came away with 12 faults…..whatever that means! I can only think of one fault – the course designer chose a horse eating fence…..

Hardly a chance to get my breath back and we were off to the cross country. Smartie had been given a treat when I went away, so I flew round, to make sure there was some left me for when I got back. There is even video evidence of my speed! Click here if you doubt my ability to fly!

Mum was thrilled because I got a pink ribbon, and said if I hadn’t made such a fuss about the horse eating fence, it would have been red.

So, my fan club seemed pleased, and lots of polos for me. All in all, a good day – and I could go home telling Smartie I was the better eventer regardless of “breeding” (I do like Smartie, but he can be a bit of a snob at times….)

So – I have nothing to prove -I am a successful event horse. However, the real challenge as we all know has always been Mum….luckily Helene is using all her skills (and patience!) to help give her a chance. I had to chuckle at one of our schooling sessions, when Helene told Mum she should write a book, 101 excuses not to jump a cross country fence…. But It did seem between us all that slowly we were getting her there despite her pathetic excuses.

Sadly, yesterday Mum stuffed up and even I could not save her. We took her cross country schooling again, and at the end of the course, I saw a gap between the last jump and back to the lorry. I know she is scared of jumping, so at the last minute I decided to give her a break and canter past it. 3 strides on I was suddenly aware that Mum was in a heap on the floor. Honestly – you try to help people and look what happens. Anyway, she clambered back on, and I took her round all the fences again, a bit slower so she had chance to keep up, and then we went home……so onwards from here. Poor Helene!

I’ve heard a nasty rumour that I am off with Harry at Keysoe for another BE this weekend…….give me a chance to show Mum how it’s done yet again. Maybe she will get the idea this time…..just follow my lead…….wish my luck, it’s hard work with a wobbleberry Mum – for all you wobbleberry steeds out there, I wish you better luck with your training efforts, and that your 2 legged's are not as slow on the uptake as mine!

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